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    Killswitch! Glad to have you around man.

    You found the right place to learn, as you know the training server is up 24/7 (except thursdays 9pm EST and Sunday’s 2pm EST) and you’re always welcome to it. Someone is usually flying and I’m usually always down to train a skill.

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    Stink Eye – AFAC

    Overall a really awesome experience from my POV and a ton of DCS and VFS firsts. 1st AAR in a sortie. 1st time filling a AFAC role, and 1st time playing a true intro to SA.

    I’ll just start going down the line with things off the top of my head

    Briefings are briefings not much to say here I enjoyed the somewhat formal introduction to SA as I’ve never played it before so that was fun.

    The “Einstein comms plans” seem to be a good thing and I’m a huge fan because it cuts down on the telephone games and doesn’t leave a lot of comms questions. Good stuff Einstein.

    Briefing Images, Gray if you want help with these I can/would like to help. I know you spend the majority of your time with the meat and potatoes of the missions. If you want help with shiny things that don’t necessarily have to do with the editor hit me up before the Sunday post goes up and I can do some art. Just bringing it up because you made a comment that they were “ghetto”.

    Ingress to the AO – really enjoyed this and wouldn’t mind seeing more. I feel like a good ingress gives flight leads and their wings time to take a step back and unfuck their brains before it all starts going down. Let’s people warm up the stick a little and relax. Would absolutely be okay with more AAR as a requirement. That being said Grimes mentioned to have a back up tanker..can’t say that I agree with this for a sortie. Hard mode is preferred for me personally. I do always think there should be a divert airfield if things don’t go as planned which they more than likely almost never will. (Harriers managed to pull it off, well done)

    Not much needs to be said about the A-10’s AAR mishap. Shit happens, they rolled with it and did what they had to do.

    After that event I was tasked with getting eyes on the command center at STPT 2, once I was on station I prioritized spotting out SAM/AAA threats for Uzi while Enfield scanned the skies. I relayed targets to Uzi lead(keen) and they were able to persecute seemingly well from my POV.

    I felt like I got sucked into the command center target while the A-10s were landing and refueling because before I knew they were in the air and enroute to their targets. One comment about that as being the AFAC I was under the impression I was somewhat in charge of the priorities of work if you will, so I would have liked a heads up when Hawg flight was starting to engage. (Maybe I missed it radios were off the heezy all 3 were screaming).

    So once the A-10s started working on the bridges I made my way back over to them to start doing my AFAC thing but felt a little useless due to them having their own targets already and just doing their thing. So I kinda looked for work and dropped a GBU-12 on a MANPAD west of the bridge at STPT 3. Fun times.

    At this point I switched over to Hawg 1-3s freq and was able to talk them on to a group of armor and dismounted infantry via SPI at the northern most OBJ and they did some work.

    Fast forward a little bit and Enfield 1-1 was requested a GBU to ensure the destruction of the command center so I retasked an aircraft to do so, eventually the tasking was completed and the command center was confirmed destroyed.

    At this point I made my way back to STPT 3-4 to do a sweep of the TGTs to get a good BDA while 1-3 and 1-4 cleaned up the northern target areas. Eventually we linked up at STPT 4, cleared it together, and then linked up east for our egress out of the AO.

    Also I had WP rocket pods but didn’t fire a single one for a couple reasons.

    1. It was a winter wonderland and my smoke would have probably been lost against it.
    2. I was able to walk people on to things with sensors so it would have been redundant.
    3. It was dangerous down there, so I would have been hesistant to get close due to MANPADs/AAA threats.

    Not much else happened from here. Frank had some technical difficulties at the end but minus him everyone landed and high fives one another.

    Some final comments to close here,

    AFAC and radio jumbling is something I’d love to do again and be proficient at, id love to have some feedback on ways to improve/any docs on hand i.e. AFAC for dummies.

    AAR in a sortie is always a +1 from me. Maybe a midweek training/cert could do us well. (Not calling anyone out, it’s something everyone always needs to train)

    I had a another awesome time flying with DFA. Look forward to Sunday’s every week dudes.

    in reply to: Sunday Flight Jan 7th – Tonapah Attack (AAR) #554

    Hawg 1-3, first organized DCS event ever in a VFS for me. Had an amazing time. Not much to say until I get some more organized sessions under my belt. Looking forward to more!

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