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      Welcome Pilots! To “Death From Above”. DFA is an old Virtual Fighter Squadron that’s been around since 2006. DFA got its start during the days of LOMAC. We primarily focus on the ground pounding element of DCS, flying all sorts of Air to Ground aircraft.

      DFA’s two founding members and leaders are Washout and Graywo1f.
      We’ve become quite a tight knit family over the years, and if you’re interested in wearing the =DFA= Tags, here is what you need to know.

      DFA Objective: DFA’s Objective is semi serious-face flying. Members of DFA are those who have graduated from their training wheels and are looking for that next step in air-to-ground combat.

      That next step is larger package flying, which focuses on more realism aspects such as: Strategy and Tactics for proper weapon employment and wingman work, Radio Comms using SRS, formation, JTAC work, Air to Air refuelling, target identification, and so much more. Are we the be-all-end-all masters of realism Virtual Airforce/Navy to the maximum extreme with virtual paperwork and forms? Good GOD no!

      We focus on a sane level of realism, teamwork and tactics in order to have epic amounts of fun. Some of the tactics are home-grown with what works best for us! Our members are driven to get to the next level of getting to a target area, assessing the threats, properly employing weapons tactically for maximum effect, and getting back home in one piece…

      That is our main objective. If you’ve never sat in the pit before, you might want to do your homework first before joining. Training non-prospects from the ground up is a massive undertaking. Will we have super n00b workshops from time to time? Absolutely!
      Interested in seeing how we operate? We love to stream our squad flights! Keep an eye in the streams channel in discord! Or watch replays to get an idea.(edited)
      Aircraft we primarily focus on are, the A10, Harrier, Viggen, Ka50, Huey, Hip. We fully intend on adopting the F/A-18 Hornet and F-14 Tomcat

      Rules: Don’t be a dick. It’s really that easy. Those with no common sense on how to be a part of a team will be easily dealt with. Members of this Virtual Fighter Squadron are Men who like planes, guns, bacon, beer and beautiful women, anyone who doesn’t identify with that, well…… then this might not be the place for you…..

      How to fly with DFA?: Come fly with us anytime during the week! You are more than welcome to come check us out and fly with us at any time!
      Sunday Squad Flights: Squadron flights such as the Sunday Flights are for “DFA Members and Prospects” Only.

      Sunday Squad Flights typically are at 19:00 Zulu time (1pm Central US)

      DFA Prospects: Probationary Member phase for new members. This phase is how we determine if you are serious about becoming a DFA member, and if you’re a good fit for DFA. Prospects will be approved by Command Staff after at least 4 or 5 Sunday Squadron flights, or around 2 to 3 months.

      How To Join Death From Above: 18 years and older. Register on the website http://www.dfa-squadron.co.uk/ and join our discord. Message Washout in Discord once you’ve registered on the website, so he may approve your registration. Also We’d like for you to please complete this survey that better gives us an idea on what missions DFA members like to fly! https://goo.gl/forms/MYGFlF5LmDFikvoU2

      In order to join DFA by starting your Prospect status, you must be present on the discord and participate in weekday squadron flights for Two Weeks before being granted the “DFA Prospect” role. Weekday flights range in anything from Target practice hangouts, to full fledged missions, or joining public servers with us and wrecking face. In order to receive your “DFA Prospect” status, a DFA member must be able to vouch for you to the Command Staff.

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