Sunday Flight Jan 7th – Tonapah Attack (AAR)

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    Hey guys! Good flight today! Thought I’d put up an After Action Report post. Here is the replay from my view as the only CAP

    I will reply with a tacview link from the server soon

    Lets talk shit about this mission, what went well, what didnt go well. Recomendations, howd comms go?

    For next week we will be getting Simple Radio working on the server.

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    Colt 1-2 here, really dig bomb trucking in the F-5. Comms were real good, even with all packages in one channel, but having SRS available will be super dope. Also, gotta remember to have the AWACS on UHF and VHF when we’ve got the older jets in the missions.

    Really great time tonight, gents, looking forward to next time!

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    Here is the Tacview for the flight thanks to Thump. Install the latest tacview in order to view it….

    just from viewing it, we did a pretty good jorb at staggering the attacks and dealilng with the threats, there were a few close calls from ground fire that I think will be enlightening. Fletcher had a suuuuuper close call and overflew the airfield before we had cleared the Strela.

    Overall everyone orbiting south of the airfield is what kept everyone safe…. I was personally surprised that the convoy made it to the other airfield, was less distance to cover than I thought I guess.

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    Hawg 1-3, first organized DCS event ever in a VFS for me. Had an amazing time. Not much to say until I get some more organized sessions under my belt. Looking forward to more!

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