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      Sunday March 11th Squad Flight 19:00 zulu (1pm Central US time)

      Mission – Separatists Aggression Part 3 Sukhumi Setup

      Welcome once again gentleman, to day 3 of our campaign invading Abkhazia. Today Georgian and NATO forces will once again be continuing their invasion. The objective for the ground forces will be to punch through Ochamchira and drive North Westward along the shore and get as close to Sukhumi as they can today. Once Ochamchira has roughly been cleared, some of the invasion force will drive North to eradicate enemy forces in and around Tkvarcheli.
      In the East, South Ossetian forces have attacked a small chunk of Georgia and 4 KA-50’s have been deployed east to help Georgian forces push back the Ossetian force. As for the Abkhazian front, the main objective is for the invading force to get as close as they can to Sukhumi and secondary tasks being any targets assigned from command that need dealt with on the fly. The more hogs that enter the area, the more the enemy might do to knock you, or the friendly invading force out so be on your toes.


      FOR ALL UTC COORDINATES, use grid 37T if necessary

      1 – Provide close air support to invasion force. Friendly invasion force located at WP 1 for both hogs and sharks. They will be attacking from that position towards the next WP.
      2 – Provide air cover for friendlies heading North to Tkvarcheli. Tkvarcheli is WP 6 for hogs, and WP 8 for sharks. Friendlies will break off of main group to head north via valley roads to Tkvarcheli.
      3 – receive and complete secondary tasks from command. Some of these tasks will be VITAL for success in the invasion.
      4 – if you are unsure where friendlies are, type “pop smoke” into chat if you have SL mod running, or use the F10 command menu.
      EAST FORCES Ka50’s
      1 – Provide close air support for friendlies pushing back enemy South Osetians. The FIRST waypoint is friendly “Bulldog 1.1”, the SECOND waypoint is the Georgian city of “Gori” currently under friendly control.
      2 – ENEMY FORCES start at the THIRD waypoint onwards. Waypoint 3 is enemy artillery and armor guard… The rest are Ossetia positions. Eradicate the Ossetins from Georgia with the help of the 2 Bulldog groups. Bulldog 1.1 at WP 1 and Bulldog 2.1 which starts their attack from Gori.
      3 – if you are unsure where friendlies are, type “pop smoke” into chat if you have SL mod running or use the F10 command menu.
      4 – Russia has made it abundantly clear that if ANY aircraft strays across the border for too far. It WILL be shot down. Please be careful.

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