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      Map – NTTR

      Good Morning Gentlemen!
      This could be it! After last week’s Groom Lake capture and subsequent destruction of the OPFOR counter attack, things have been quiet on the REDFOR side. We dealt a crippling blow to their ability to wage war on the ground and in the air. With the runway at Tonapah Test Range Airbase cratered in the middle from last week’s efforts, OPFOR is not able to receive heavy air transport, nor can they evacuate heavy air. However, with them being in light control of the Tonapah Airport(north of test range) we believe that they will make a tactical retreat with their highest tech ground equipment to that airport. In doing this, they will either pull their forces out, or make a stronger more cohesive defense. BUuuuuut we have different plans…..
      BLUEFOR will be launching an Air Assualt on Tonapah Test Range Airbase. 2 flights of 4 Ch47 Chinooks will be used in a quick attack and secure move on the base. WE NEED TO DESTROY ARMOR AND HEAVY BASE DEFENSEES to ensure its success.
      Intel has changed a bit on the target airbase defense setup, and they are starting to play dirty. With it looking like OPFOR will be making a tactical retreat, old tech air defense has been brought to the forefront of their tactics. Expect several ZU23 emplacements and hidden surprises.
      PRIMARY TARGETS – along with destroying base defenses, there are TWO primary targets that need dealt with. North of Tonapah Test Airbase is what seems to be a large truck stop or industrialized area with several subsidiary buildings and parking lots. Hiding among the locals are several GRAD Ural’s (MLRS artillery) THESE NEED LOCATED AND DESTROYED BEFORE the BLUEFOR Air Assault force arrives! USE PGM ORDINANCE ONLY, keep collateral damage to a minimum as they are hiding among civilian buildings.
      2nd Primary Target – There is a large warehouse on the middle east side that is most likely housing a lot of heavy OPFOR equipment. Destroy it before they are able to relocate its contents.
      Targets of opportunity – Drone footage just prior to this briefing have confirmed a large buildup of heavy armor poised to evacuate Tonapah Test Range airbase. Our best guess is they will head North to Tonapah Airport. Make sure they don’t arrive. Convoy looks to have some Radar air defenses.

      Destroy enemy base defenses
      Destroy GRAD Ural’s North of Target airbase Before BLUEFOR Assault arrives
      Destroy Warehouse at Target Airbase
      Cover BLUEFOR infantry once unloaded from Chinooks
      Destroy convoy retreating from Target airbase.
      Keep tuned to guard for tasking changes as more Targets of opportunity become available.

      Briefing Image 1

      Briefing Image 2

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      Ok ya’ll! INCREDIBLE flight! really did a great job, losses were at an extreme minimum. Mission was a great success


      My View –

      Moldy’s View –

      Enfield Flight was just Thump and I and we cleaned house once again, it was a bit hair on fire in the beginning because we realized that I had fucked up AWACS frequency and we didnt know what he was on, but after having our own comms set to GUARD, we heard him talking to us, but were not able to talk back? odd…. But mirages ended up getting on station just while the harriers were getting their DMT’s looking at the airbase and were able to tell us that they were JUST launching fighters, Thump and I then did a counter clockwise spiral decent and enganged. One of them we lost contact with because he rolled and pulled hard and shot up a few thousand feet. Fortunately we located him fairly quickly despite all the incoming friendly radar blips.

      The second engagement one of them ended up getting shot by a Mav on the runway which I didnt know until much greater. We had splashed his leader right after take off and thump got super hit by a Strela-10 from the truck stop area. My head was on a swivel for a while, but NOBODY was calling out any Nails 23 calls on RWR so I figured he must have crashed or not made it off the ground.

      Overal great flight guys, seemed like a few brains were fried by the end of it haha! But WOW that was really fun, and really fun to watch the tacview as well!

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      Good times! Thanks to keen for stepping up and taking lead of the Harriers. I was so disoriented at the beginning.

      Comm plan seemed to have worked. It would have been almost flawless if the Harrier could set radio presets in the cockpit!

      I took up a ton of heavy bombs to hit the hangar at TTR but that meant I was burning a lot of fuel and there really wasn’t going to be time for the airfield to be clear by the time I needed to drop. It worked out, but maybe in the future probably better to stagger Sweep, SEAD, then Strike missions, even by 5 minutes.

      Once I began to run in on the hangar I got a bit confused on my target – I didn’t memorize the reference pic and couldn’t find it in the briefing materials. Need to study that better before the flight!

      On my first drop — a pair of 1000 pounders — I had forgotten to set the fuzing (who makes a MILITARY plane that defaults weapon fuze settings to INERT?!). The second drop was good, but the target needed more than just the two 83s. Luckily, keen — as always — came in later to finish the job.

      I tried to make a few more passes with the Mavs, but I only had a few minutes before I was bingo and ended up take two Mavs and two Sidearms home with me.

      On my second sortie, I brought eight of the Mk83s and all the drag that comes with ’em. I showed up at the target area almost out of gas and no targets in sight as keen had taken out that pesky hangar with some 83s of his own. Luckily, Shark did a great job talking me onto targets. Of course, every time he’d point one out to me, someone else nailed it before I got to it. 😉 I did eventually ripple 6 Mk-83s onto a truck and 2 on an IL transport with some baddies hanging around, and got to head home.

      I liked the comms, hoped it worked for everyone else.

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