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      Sunday 20:00 Zulu (2pm central US time)


      Caliente Counter Attack! We know REDFOR forces are on the move to attack Caliente! We have prepared for this and have a few Tank and Mechanized infantry platoons lying in wait in the foothills to the West and South of Caliente!

      The enemy forces attacking Caliente from the North must be dealt with so BLUEFOR can push north towards the town of Panaca! Expect the REDFOR Caliente attack force to have Radar AND IR SHORADS

      Panaca objective needs poked and proded by BLUEFOR Air before Ground Forces arrive. Panaca airport AKA Lincoln County airport, is guarded by a SA3 just off the south west corner.

      Intel Also reports an Artillery site North of Panaca that would potentially devastate a BLUEFOR advance and needs to be searched out and destroyed completely.

      There are also targets of opportunity at Lincoln County Airport’s Ramp
      Expect REDFOR CAP flights from Tonapah Test Range Airfield since we weren’t able to commit to destroying the runway in the previous week’s effort.

      Sign ups are in the squadron Discord

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      OK Everyone! Another one bites the dust! That was a lot of fun! Lets start some after action goodness

      Enfield 1-1 here, everything went great! Great engagement strait away on some Su24’s that were heading south towards our airbase and Grimes and Thump shwacked the shit out of them! I didnt even manage to find them unfortunately. Next engagement Grimes smoked one and I smoked the other on engaging 2 Mig23’s that had scrambled from the enemy airfield at Tonapah test field.
      Then I made a judgement call and sent Grimes and Thump home to re-arm quick and of course thats when 2 baddie Mig23’s came up to meet me. All I had were 2 magic’s heat seakers…. Dodged a radar missile and splashed one, his wingman was heading for our airbase and as I was tracking him from his 7 oclock about 10 miles, too far for a missile shot, he snap turned and I didnt quite realize he had turned and he fired off a radar missile and I dodged it, but then he got me with an R60.

      Here are some links for everyone…..


      Moldy’s View –

      Grimes’ View –

      Graywo1f’s View –

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      Looks like a blast, sorry I missed it!

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      I was Hawg 1-1 A-10c Lead. Was a fun and challenging mission for me especially being rusty in the airframe plus using srs for comms.

      After arriving on station we had a bit of an SA problem due to low altitude and being painted by sa-8/sa-3 radars, thick smoke in the AO plus terrain masked what was supposed to be our initial target, the artillery platoon at the south smoke plume.

      We did several orbits to give SEAD time to do there thing and tried to get position to recce the target area, this got disrupted by Moldy and I getting mysteriously hard locked by Mig 23’s even though Gray called they were about 80 clicks away.

      By this point SEAD(Uzi 1) had lost 3 aircraft to a pop up sa-8 although the remaining Harrier managed to clear the Osa allowing us to proceed.

      My no.2 Moldy got eyes on the SA-3 radar and i cleared him in hot not realising we had AAA/DogEar within 4 miles directly north behind the southern smoke and he overflew enemy AAA and took damage, he swung SW and and tried to run in again but lost his engines and had to ditch.

      I finally had eyes on the south artillery group where the AAA was and destroyed the DogEar plus 3-4 artillery pieces/truck with guns. Friendly ground forces were advancing and killed the rest of the group.

      My no.3 Franky Made 2 passes also but had to go defensive. I engaged the remnants of the osa column advancing south with guns and destroyed 4 out of 5 with a guns then extended south.

      At this point i had a power outage and got DC’d for about 5 mins, i rejoined spooled and headed back to WP3 at best speed to assist Moldy with mop up as most of the overall package were RTB at that time.

      Moldy,Myself and evilnate from Uzi flight cleared the remaining enemy vehicles out for mission complete.

      Looking forward to the next one!

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