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      Below was the briefing to the mission. Squadron Flight Number 3 guys! Boy was that a fun one! bonus points to Keen and EvilNate, Keen for taking down the SA8 and EvilNate for shooting down an Su17.

      Posted below the briefing is the replays from Myself, MoldyTowel, and Grimes

      Enfield CAP flight with Thump and I went SUPER great! Got great action and even helped with some bomb delivery a tad (not sure we killed anything but its the thought that counts right?)
      Only crazy surprise was in the last 10 to 20 mins of the flight, two Su17’s out of nowhere took off from Tonapah test Range, must have got airborne before the craters that Moldy’s Viggen laid down.

      Overall, wicked fun!!!!!!!!!

      Myself –

      Moldy –

      Grimes –

      SUNDAY MISSION JAN 21st 20:00 Zulu (2pm Central US)
      MAP – NTTR

      Groom Lake Defense

      It’s been a long night gentlemen, just yesterday late evening we secured Groom Lake from a REDFOR force and we plan to keep it that way. It was heavy fighting, but we caught them off guard by making the attack and they are NOT wanting to let us capitalize on that.

      A BLUEFOR Drone has spotted a LARGE REDFOR attack force en-route from the North of Groom Lake. This large attack force’s origin was from Tonapah Test Range Airfield, leaving that base hardly defended.

      The attacking REDFOR force has an artillery and command vehicle element protected by an SA8 and a plethora of IR SAMs.

      Chances are they are not going to do a dead-on sprint to groom lake, but rather a pincer attack from the North Northeast and West of Groom Lake. Possible diving into more mountainous terrain if things go south. Expect the bulks of the attack force to be more near terrain.

      DEFEND against the REDFOR attack at all costs. There is a BLUEFOR reinforcement convoy on its way but will take up to 2 hours after mission start. SURVIVE
      THERE IS A BLUEFOR SUPPLY FLIGHT of 4 CH47 Chinooks from Creech AFB that is bringing a HAWK SAM to Groom lake and once they land, they will begin unloading the SAM immediately to help with BLUEFOR air cover.

      Side Objective – Take out the Runway at Tonapah Test Range Airfield, preferably quickly to stop any more enemy air from taking off

      BLUE AWACS ON 243Mhz UHF
      Predator JTAC – 127.5MhzAM

      GUARD 243Mhz UHF

      A2A Tasks – CAP
      A2G Tasks – CAS, S&D, Anti Runway (Tonapah Test Range Runway)

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      Great times! Here were my notes:

      – I felt really rushed during start-up and takeoff and forgot some checklist items (like gear down after takeoff). I didn’t get an ounce of pressure from my lead or flightmates, I just was behind and felt rushed. I was gonna leave out the weird Twilight Zone/Black Mirror phase out but that probably contributed to my sense of time compression.

      – Harrier Uzi lead (Squinkys?) did a good job of dividing the flight responsibilities by sections. Had Uzi 1-3 been a competent lead, it would have turned out great! 😉

      – On that note, Uzi 1-4 had fallen behind the flight and was struggling to keep up and maintain vis, and his element lead (me) didn’t fall back to keep section integrity, and 4 went blind. 🙁

      – Familiarization issues kept me from releasing mavs on my first few passes, which meant I spent a lot of time/fuel just making passes and ended up RTB with 3 Mavs, which was a shame, but I *was* able to RTB. I’d been avoiding practicing systems work like that since the Harrier is still WIP, and paid for it.

      – I had a hard time spotting targets but then I always have problems spotting targets. Just training.

      – Gray did a great job talking me onto the Smerchs and handing off that execution so his flight could get home.

      – Everyone did great trying to announce taxi, runway motion, etc. There was some confusion with the different radios and freqs, but “practice makes perfect”.

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      Uzi 1-4 here, it definitely wasn’t Einstein’s fault I went blind in transit to the AO. I was *way* heavier than the rest of Uzi because I was designated as the QRF for runway attack if the Viggens failed. I had visual on all of you until you dove in to prosecute targets.

      Even though we were all spread out across that AO we seemed to be pretty good at our SA – I heard a lot of SAM calls, so that was real good. I know we lost a couple of us throughout the op, but overall I felt real productive.

      That harrier is a bear to handle when it’s so heavy and asymmetric, I fired a mav at a target and my pull out was too much with my right wing being so heavy. My low altitude combined with the loading and subsequent “spin” meant I got to feel up a mountain. Pretty hot, let me tell you.

      Can’t wait for the harrier to get some of its other systems implemented (AP and rpl bombs please).

      Thanks everyone, seemed to be a real clean op.

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