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      Here it is! The great DFA deployment! Separatists Aggression Mission 1. SUNDAY Feb 18th at 19:00zulu (1pm Central US)
      This is going to be super dooooper fun! You’re not going to want to miss this shit. One main objective and up to 24 randomized side objectives!

      Part ONE of Separatists Aggression
      Mission by =DFA=Graywo1f
      Today’s the day gentlemen! Georgian and NATO forces will start our invasion of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as targeted airstrikes on our enemies ability to make war. These separatist’s regions have been a real pain in the ass to Georgia, and the region. Despite Russia’s complete economic collapse, the two Separatists regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, are strongly backed by our favorite landmass to its North, Russia. With lots of Russian equipment being thrown their way, the Abkhazians and South Ossetians have obtained complete control of their separatist’s regions, forcing Georgia’s military out. Rumors of ethnic cleansing have surfaced, which makes us helping to put a stop to this, all the more critical. It has been a week since terrain east of the Inguri river has been secured by Georgian forces thanks to our efforts on targets destroyed on our first arrival.
      NATO forces are operating on a somewhat limited capability due to also having also deployed to the Gulf region with hostilities surfacing towards Iran. The US Navy has a Carrier and LHA in the Black Sea, as well as some guided missile cruisers. US AV8B Harriers are operating from Kutaisi along with the A10’s for this mission.
      Some important Georgian Intel on our Abkhazian friends are that they are operating a somewhat sizable Mig21 force, crewed by old mig Vets, and new pilots alike, the exact number of Migs, we do not know. Georgia doesn’t exactly have a sizable air force of their own, which makes air superiority over top of Abkhazia, interesting. Mirage 2000’s will have your back for CAP flights.
      The NATO and Georgian invading force will have to rely heavily on airpower and with limited aircraft in the region, there is a lot weighing on your shoulders to get the job done.
      Your job is to cooperate with NATO command receiving coordinates for airstrikes, interdiction missions, and to provide air cover to ground forces in Abkhazia with AFAC help if needed.
      Being able to enter lat long coordinates in this mission is a must.
      For all MGRS Coordinates, use grid 37T if necessary

      1. Soften up enemy forces along the Abkhazian front at the waypoints.
      2.Once softened signal the friendly armor groups via radio commands to begin their invasion. If you do not signal the invasion it will automatically begin after an hour and a half.
      Friendly Mi24’s are available from a nearby FARP. Call them in if needed. 2 Georgian Su25’s will fly in after 40 minutes of mission start to help.
      3. After the convoy is moving, HQ will give you tasks to do. If you missed the tasking just ask them to repeat it in the radio commands. You can request 2 tasks at a time… it is possible to request more than 2 but the radio F10 menu will get cluttered.
      A10’s take off from Kutaisi and Georgians from Senaki….. US supplies/weapons are NOT available at Senaki at this time.



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      Was about 20 mins late to the mission start but scrambled to get in the jet and get airborne, once up and re-joined with Boar 1 things went pretty well. Had a blast on this one.

      Washout POV Cam.

      Watch DCS World | Death From Above Squadron Flight | Separatists Aggression Part I from WashoutDFA on

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