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    Well i dont just register and then say nothing.
    So il introduce myself.
    First i am not native english so sorry for bad grammar.

    My name is Tom 42 years old.
    I live in belgium and love sims.
    I never really flew with friends caus i dont have any that do sims.
    I found you all with some looking and enjoy your streams.
    Currently working on the a-10 c with everything in it.
    But i have the harrier m2000c and the flaming cliffs aircraft and the nevada map.
    What i am looking for, well just new fly friends.
    Learning a bit and having fun.
    What is my expierience, cant fly formation (never did it)
    And still learning like 80 procent ofthe rest 😛



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    Killswitch! Glad to have you around man.

    You found the right place to learn, as you know the training server is up 24/7 (except thursdays 9pm EST and Sunday’s 2pm EST) and you’re always welcome to it. Someone is usually flying and I’m usually always down to train a skill.

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    Ty for the kind reply.
    Looking forward to fly somethimes with you

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    What up! Welcome welcome!

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