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      Field Carrier Landing Practice is used to learn/demonstrate proficiency in executing a carrier landing pattern before actually going to the boat. On the ED forums, Hook has posted a mission he created for the Black Knights with static objects, triggers, smoke, and automated Landing Signal Officer to walk a Harrier pilot through an FCLP. I found it very useful to learn the procedure and use it to continue to improve my approaches. The mission does require the Normandy map, the WWII Assets Pack, and the 476th Range Objects mod.

      Hook’s FCLP mission file as well as the Range Objects mod can be found on the ED forums at: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3320804&postcount=1

      I’ve been honing up on my FCLP practice but would really like to practice with another Harrier pilot. If interested, msg me on Discord!

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