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GHOST here, AIC for the op.

Overall, this was a really good op. Everyone was on the ball from what I could tell, and listening real well to the AFAC. I was real rusty/cobwebbed when that first fighter scramble happend, apologies ENFIELD, but glad we got that all cleared out quick and got down to business. Well done guys.

The things I noticed that I think we could work on that stood out to me are radio use related:

1) Remembering that the SRS radios are not full-duplex, only half-duplex, which means you can’t interrupt someone who’s talking on the radio — all it will do is garble the tx for everyone else, and the original speaker will have no clue that they’re being talked over. It didn’t happen very often, but did happen a couple times when the AFAC was giving instruction or talk-on to targets — that’s bad news time.

2) Brevity is important, mostly because it lets you be faster on your tx so the above doesn’t happen as often. I’m not saying everyone needs to memorize all the brevity lingo, but less exposition will help everyone.

3) This one might sound harsh, but I don’t know how to be more gentle: Tactical Common is not the place for banter. It *IS* the place for weapons release calls — especially RIFLE, MAGNUM, FOX — so many flares released when they weren’t needed. Call your missile shots *before* you launch, not after (it’s already too late if it’s called out after).

These issues were not ubiquitous yesterday, but they were there, and at inopportune times, so I felt they really needed to be enumerated.

All-in-all, fantastic jobs, everyone!