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Good times! Thanks to keen for stepping up and taking lead of the Harriers. I was so disoriented at the beginning.

Comm plan seemed to have worked. It would have been almost flawless if the Harrier could set radio presets in the cockpit!

I took up a ton of heavy bombs to hit the hangar at TTR but that meant I was burning a lot of fuel and there really wasn’t going to be time for the airfield to be clear by the time I needed to drop. It worked out, but maybe in the future probably better to stagger Sweep, SEAD, then Strike missions, even by 5 minutes.

Once I began to run in on the hangar I got a bit confused on my target – I didn’t memorize the reference pic and couldn’t find it in the briefing materials. Need to study that better before the flight!

On my first drop — a pair of 1000 pounders — I had forgotten to set the fuzing (who makes a MILITARY plane that defaults weapon fuze settings to INERT?!). The second drop was good, but the target needed more than just the two 83s. Luckily, keen — as always — came in later to finish the job.

I tried to make a few more passes with the Mavs, but I only had a few minutes before I was bingo and ended up take two Mavs and two Sidearms home with me.

On my second sortie, I brought eight of the Mk83s and all the drag that comes with ’em. I showed up at the target area almost out of gas and no targets in sight as keen had taken out that pesky hangar with some 83s of his own. Luckily, Shark did a great job talking me onto targets. Of course, every time he’d point one out to me, someone else nailed it before I got to it. 😉 I did eventually ripple 6 Mk-83s onto a truck and 2 on an IL transport with some baddies hanging around, and got to head home.

I liked the comms, hoped it worked for everyone else.