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Ok ya’ll! INCREDIBLE flight! really did a great job, losses were at an extreme minimum. Mission was a great success


My View –

Moldy’s View –

Enfield Flight was just Thump and I and we cleaned house once again, it was a bit hair on fire in the beginning because we realized that I had fucked up AWACS frequency and we didnt know what he was on, but after having our own comms set to GUARD, we heard him talking to us, but were not able to talk back? odd…. But mirages ended up getting on station just while the harriers were getting their DMT’s looking at the airbase and were able to tell us that they were JUST launching fighters, Thump and I then did a counter clockwise spiral decent and enganged. One of them we lost contact with because he rolled and pulled hard and shot up a few thousand feet. Fortunately we located him fairly quickly despite all the incoming friendly radar blips.

The second engagement one of them ended up getting shot by a Mav on the runway which I didnt know until much greater. We had splashed his leader right after take off and thump got super hit by a Strela-10 from the truck stop area. My head was on a swivel for a while, but NOBODY was calling out any Nails 23 calls on RWR so I figured he must have crashed or not made it off the ground.

Overal great flight guys, seemed like a few brains were fried by the end of it haha! But WOW that was really fun, and really fun to watch the tacview as well!