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Great times! Here were my notes:

– I felt really rushed during start-up and takeoff and forgot some checklist items (like gear down after takeoff). I didn’t get an ounce of pressure from my lead or flightmates, I just was behind and felt rushed. I was gonna leave out the weird Twilight Zone/Black Mirror phase out but that probably contributed to my sense of time compression.

– Harrier Uzi lead (Squinkys?) did a good job of dividing the flight responsibilities by sections. Had Uzi 1-3 been a competent lead, it would have turned out great! 😉

– On that note, Uzi 1-4 had fallen behind the flight and was struggling to keep up and maintain vis, and his element lead (me) didn’t fall back to keep section integrity, and 4 went blind. 🙁

– Familiarization issues kept me from releasing mavs on my first few passes, which meant I spent a lot of time/fuel just making passes and ended up RTB with 3 Mavs, which was a shame, but I *was* able to RTB. I’d been avoiding practicing systems work like that since the Harrier is still WIP, and paid for it.

– I had a hard time spotting targets but then I always have problems spotting targets. Just training.

– Gray did a great job talking me onto the Smerchs and handing off that execution so his flight could get home.

– Everyone did great trying to announce taxi, runway motion, etc. There was some confusion with the different radios and freqs, but “practice makes perfect”.