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OK Everyone! Another one bites the dust! That was a lot of fun! Lets start some after action goodness

Enfield 1-1 here, everything went great! Great engagement strait away on some Su24’s that were heading south towards our airbase and Grimes and Thump shwacked the shit out of them! I didnt even manage to find them unfortunately. Next engagement Grimes smoked one and I smoked the other on engaging 2 Mig23’s that had scrambled from the enemy airfield at Tonapah test field.
Then I made a judgement call and sent Grimes and Thump home to re-arm quick and of course thats when 2 baddie Mig23’s came up to meet me. All I had were 2 magic’s heat seakers…. Dodged a radar missile and splashed one, his wingman was heading for our airbase and as I was tracking him from his 7 oclock about 10 miles, too far for a missile shot, he snap turned and I didnt quite realize he had turned and he fired off a radar missile and I dodged it, but then he got me with an R60.

Here are some links for everyone…..


Moldy’s View –

Grimes’ View –

Graywo1f’s View –

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