DCS World Weekend News – 6 May 2022

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06 May 2022

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,:pilotfly: 

We inform you again that the current DCS Open Beta includes two new campaigns that offer fun and engaging missions for the F-14 and A-10C. Enjoy!

We are delighted to update you on the status of the pilot models coming to the AH-64D for the cockpit 1st person view. We understand that this is a highly requested and important part of the whole immersion. Check out the Development Screenshots.

Development also continues on the TrueGrit – Heatblur DCS: Eurofighter. One of the most complex and cutting edge elements of this module will be the weapons systems. Please see the details below. 

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely, 

Eagle Dynamics

New Campaigns 

Recently Added


If you have not already taken the opportunity to download the DCS: A-10C  Agile Spear Campaign by Combat King, you are missing out on a great way to expand your DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer enjoyment. Another quality campaign, if you own the Tomcat, is the DCS: F-14B Operation Sandworm by Sandman Sims. This campaign utilizes the Persian Gulf Map and Supercarrier for a story-based DCS: F-14B Tomcat campaign that is gripping and highly detailed. 

AH-64D Pilot & CP/G

Development Report


In the screenshots you can see the Pilot and Co-pilot Gunner models for the first person perspective. We have completed both Multicam and USP camouflages and we are currently working on gesture animations and fitting the modeles into the cockpit. The basic movements for the pilot and operator are complete but there are still more advanced gestures like transfer of control, idles, working with MPD, etc. left to do. Please check out the Development Screenshots.


Development Report


Considerable development time has been spent on reverse engineering and understanding the performance of the aircraft systems. Stay tuned for details.


The Heatblur team continues to use CFD as an integral tool to verify and validate flight models and flight control laws. This is a key part of ensuring that the DCS: Eurofighter meets the high bar of realism required for an authentic flying and combat experience.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

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