DCS World Weekend News – 31 August 2018

DCS World Open Beta Update
This week we introduced several changes to the Open Beta for DCS World. Highlights include:

  • Fixed CTD resulting from AV-8B VTOL landing and AGM-65 use
  • Corrected rain drop effects on canopy and check box added
  • New unit label options added: full, abbreviated, and dot only
  • Yak-52 excessive RPM damage added and start sequence corrected
  • AI engaging with radar-guided missile logic corrected. Crank was also re-introduced
  • Dust and smoke atmosphere effect added to Mission Editor
  • Hornet AIM-7 FLOOD mode improved, AIM-9X search tone corrected, PRF selection added, HSI brightness corrected, over-wing vapor, High Off Boresight (HOBS) expanded to 90 degrees for the AIM-9X, and more EW tones and symbols added
  • Please see the complete change log here.

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 and Ka-50: Memory of a Hero Campaign
The Memory of a Hero campaign follows the story of helicopter pilot Sergey Pavlovich Borisov. Being an honored sniper and research helicopter pilot and a hero of the Soviet Union and Russia, this campaign explores his experiences in the Mi-8MTV2 and the Ka-50 Black Shark. The campaign is full of danger and exciting moments as you relive some of his more harrowing experiences!

Download from: www.digitalcombatsimulator.com

The campaign consists of more than 16 missions that include:

  • Work for a large Siberian transport airline
  • Transport workers and repair crews to oil deposits
  • Take part in the Abkhaz-Georgian war of 1993 while flying the then-secret Ka-50 attack helicopter
  • Participate in intelligence gathering activities over Georgian territory prior to the conflict in South Ossetia. Do so in concert with the help of special FSS equipment and direct support from the Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS)
  • Perform Ka-50 counter-terror operations in the southern Caucasus region and along the Georgian border
  • Take part in rescue operations over the Black Sea in an Mi-8MTV2
  • The action is told through a gripping story narrative with an original soundtrack by The Last Haven.

This campaign requires ownership of DCS: Black Shark 2 and DCS: Mi-8MTV2.

World War II Assets Update
In addition to the new aircraft we recently discussed, we continue to add new ground units. The next will be the Sturmgeschütz (Stug) III. The Stug III was a German assault gun and the second most produced German armor vehicle of the Second World War. Designed as an infantry support weapon with a 7.5 cm L/48 gun, it was built on the Panzer III chassis, but was also used as a tank destroyer.

The Eagle Dynamics Team

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