DCS World Weekend News – 25 October 2019

2019 Autumn Sale Continues!
Time is running out; have you picked up a new DCS World module? Whether it’s a new aircraft, terrain or campaign, now is a great time to get that module. Most of our modules are available at 50% off, with the following exceptions:

  • DCS: F/A-18 Hornet by ED – 25% off
  • DCS: Persian Gulf Map – 25% off
  • DCS: Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC – 25% off
  • DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations – not on sale at this time
  • DCS: F-16C Viper by ED – not on sale at this time
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Whether you are a seasoned DCS World pilot or a newcomer, we want to hear what modules you chose and your experience so far. If you are new to DCS World, come to our forums and say hello; you’ll find lots of help to get you in the air!

Fear not DCS World for Steam users; we haven’t forgotten about you! The same discounts will be available in the upcoming Steam Halloween Sale.

DCS World Update
On Monday we released an Open Beta hotfix for the Hornet and Gazelle. You can see the Hotfix changelog here.

The next update will be an Open Beta for next Wednesday. Once a few more critical items are addressed for the Viper and Hornet, and we are sure the program is stable, we will release an update to the release/stable version of DCS World. Thank you for all the Open Beta feedback and bug reports, and it has helped tremendously.

Thanks for your dedication and support of DCS World!

Development Report #2
We had hoped to share more information about Modern Air Combat (MAC) this week, but the information wasn’t quite ready. Instead, we are happy to show progress on the updated A-10C cockpit. The cockpit is being recreated from the ground up and an all-new 3D mesh, textures, and effects. Our goal is to bring the Warthog up to 2019 standards, and this includes a great VR experience.

Another item in development is the DCS: Supercarrier module. We recently completed the external model, and we plan to make CVN-71 & CVN-74 versions available at early access launch. The team is now focused on implementing the high-poly Landing Signal Officer (LSO) and Air Boss stations. Here is a list of the planned Early Access features, but this list is subject to change.

Early Access Features

  1. New Nimitz-class aircraft carrier model:
    • Highly detailed polygon model.
    • High-resolution textures that include realistic weathering and markings
    • Animated arresting wires and blast shields
    • Animated radar antennas
    • Animated aircraft elevators
    • Catapult bubble between catapults 1 and 2
    • Steam from catapults
    • Risers (guard rails) around aircraft elevators when lowered
    • Long-range line-up lights
    • IFLOLS
    • Animated “rabbit lights” along landing area centerline
    • Deck lighting
    • Functional air defence weapon systems:
      • Sea Sparrow
      • CWIS
      • Sea RAM
    • Option for Nimitz-class aircraft carriers of the Roosevelt sub-class:
      • CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt
      • CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln
      • CVN-73 George Washington
  2. Deck parking allowing up to 14 aircraft to be spawned on deck. We will review the possibility of increasing this number to 18 in the coming months.
  3. Carrier radio communications for Case I, Case II, and Case III.
  4. Static deck vehicles (AS32A-31A Flight Deck Tractor, AS32A-32A Hangar Deck Tractor, AS32A-36 Aircraft crash and salvage crane, P-25 Fire Fighting Vehicle) that can be placed by mission designers.
  5. Static deck crew that can be placed by mission designers.
  6. Animated deck crew for bow and waist catapults launches.

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