DCS World Weekend News – 16 August 2019

DCS: Supercarrier Update
Since our last update on this eagerly awaited module, our team has been focused on several core features of simulation of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier:

Creating the most accurate and detailed carrier model ever created for a flight simulation. This is not simply an update to the existing John C. Stennis aircraft carrier that we released last year, but rather a new object that is built from the ground up with accurate dimensions, high-resolution mesh and textures; animations for the elevators, antennas, defense systems, launch officer bubble, risers, catapults, jet blast deflectors, and more. The module will include unique skins for all ships of the Roosevelt sub-class that includes the Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), George Washington (CVN73), John C. Stennis (CVN-74), and the Harry S. Truman (CVN-75). Not only will there be the correct names and CVN numbers, but we also plan unique textures and deck weathering for each ship!

The Supercarrier will include the most accurate simulation of carrier communications you have ever heard in a game. This includes Case I, II, and III operations and unique voice overs for departure, marshal, approach, tower, the landing signal officer (LSO), and even messages over the 5 MC. Many of these parts are voiced by service members that filled the actual roles! We will also include the needed voice over files to support all aircraft types that have flown from a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, including the F-14.

To make the carrier deck feel alive, deck crew is a must. We are doing this through a combination of static-placed deck crew with animations that mission creators can place and fully pathed and animated deck crew that support launch operations from all four catapults. We are pushing this feature past anything that has been done before.

In addition to these three core areas, we are also working on / planning:

  • Up to 18 spawning locations on the carrier deck.
  • Flood lights in addition to standard lighting.
  • Long Range Laser Lineup System.
  • Barricade net.
  • Deck equipment like the crane, fire truck, and mules.
  • Detailed Landing Signal Officer (LSO) station with functional panels to control cut lights, wave off lights, manual ball control, and PLAT camera. This can be crewed while in VR.
  • “Burble” effect behind the carrier.
  • Air Boss station that can also be occupied in VR and allow control of the flood lights, barricade, and view the PLAT camera.
  • Immersive, 3D, Ready Room with functions to view briefings, load aircraft, view PLAT camera, vie the “Greenie Board”, view kill board that is tied to online statistics. All of this with a VR option.
  • Combined Arms support for steering the carrier and using weapons.

At this time, we have no release date or pricing, but they will be available at our very soonest.

DCS World Open Beta Update
For the second week in a row, we are updating the DCS World Open Beta. Highlights of the update this week include:
DCS World

  • AGM-154A now corrected for wind conditions.
  • Increased draw distance of static objects to compare to AI/Player objects
  • Increased draw distances of Map objects

DCS: F/A-18C

  • Added work-in-progress AGM-84D Harpoon in BOL mode.
  • AGM-65F IR Option WHT/BLK now only changes proper elements and not entire screen.
  • FLIR – LTD/R – LST Key Assignments now available in Options.
  • EXPAND will close when target is lost.
  • EXPAND will not affect the Radar causing loss of targets.
  • SCS Depress no longer controls Point/Area Track selection.

You can read the complete change log here

Fight for Honor Enrollment is Open
In support of Folds of Honor and in cooperation with DCS World Events, Thrustmaster, and C.W. Lemoine, we are happy to support the Fight for Honor charity event.


Pick any aircraft and dogfight 1 v 1 (guns only) against other players across the world in this charity event to support the fallen and their families. DCS pilots will fight for the opportunity to fly in DCS with real F/A-18 and F-16 fighter pilots C.W. “Mover” Lemoine or Trevor “Gonky” Hartsock. All proceeds of this event will benefit Folds of Honor 

Opening day rounds will take place later on September 7th and on the following day, September 8th. Closing tournament rounds will then be taking place the weekend of the 28th and 29th. Participants will be flying multiple times on each day as long as they continue to win. 

Age requirements: 18 | Registration is now open and will last until 5 Sept 2019 | Registration fee is $20 USD

You must have an account already registered on dcs-world.com before registering. Join the DCS Discord for more detailed info about the tournament. Upon registration, users must select any official DCS aircraft they will be flying with throughout the tournament. The free modules are allowed. Registrants will submit their information into the FOH website and a CSV will be compiled and sent to DCS World Events. Registrants will be contacted with their time slots. 

  • 1st place DCS flight with C.W. Lemoine, Thrustmaster F/A-18C HOTAS Add-on Grip, and F-16 Module or DCS module from Eagle Dynamics module of choosing
  • 2nd place DCS flight with Gonky, DCS module from Eagle Dynamics of choosing
  • 3rd Place DCS module from Eagle Dynamics of choosing

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