DCS World Weekend News – 11 August 2017

DCS World 2.1.1 Update 2

This week we released the second update to DCS World 2.1.1 which includes some important fixes like corrected cockpits lights for the P/TF-51D, MiG-29 and F-86F; allow full scrolling of the Normandy map when in the in-game F10 map, and corrected to VR tool tip crash. The C-101 and M-2000C teams have also included several improvements. We are hard at work on many other fixes and improvements to DCS World 2 and the Normandy 1944 map.

You can read the complete 2.1.1 Update 2 changelog here.

Please run DCS World 2 to automatically update, or you can select Update DCS World Open Alpha from your Windows Start Menu / Eagle Dynamics program group.

60% Off Bonus Deals

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Updated Su-33 Video

As part of our continued efforts to update all of the Flaming Cliffs 3 aircraft, the Su-33 is receiving many improvements as outlined in our early newsletter on this subject. For today, we’re happy to show our updated Su-33 with improved flight dynamics landing on the new Kuznetsov aircraft carrier that is also in development. We believe this will be a great counterpart to our Hornet.

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