DCS World Weekend News – 1 March 2019

DCS: MiG-19 Farmer by RAZBAM Simulations Ready for Takeoff!

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The MiG-19P will initially be available on Open Beta.

The MiG-19P Farmer was designed by the legendary Mikoyan Design Bureau in the Early 1950’s and was the Soviet Union’s first true supersonic interceptor that could exceed Mach 1 in level flight.

Designed to take on enemy fighters and bombers at any time of day or night and in any weather condition, the Farmer was equipped with the RP-5 lzumrud radar in the nose and armed with two NR-30 30mm cannons in the wing roots. The Farmer is also able to carry an array of ground attack weapons that include S-5M rockets and various general-purpose bombs. It is a lethal interceptor with conventional ground attack capabilities.

We are proud to bring you this exciting addition to DCS World. The Farmer is highly-optimized to work within DCS World and takes advantage of its unrivalled combat environment that only Eagle Dynamics can offer.

Key Features that the MiG-19 Farmer for DCS World by RAZBAM include:

  • The flight model provides realistic performance and flight
  • characteristics. The flight model will see further refinements in coming weeks and months
  • Highly detailed 3D model and animations
  • Highly detailed and accurate 6 DOF cockpit with mouse-interactive controls.
  • Realistic modelling of the aircraft systems including electrical, fuel, hydraulics, lighting, engine and navigation
  • High-resolution 3D model and cockpit textures, including specular and bump mapping as well as deferred shading and Physical Based Rendering (PBR)
  • NR-30 30mm Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground cannons
  • Air-to-Air missiles
  • S-5M Rocket pods
  • Realistic afterburner
  • Numerous skins
  • Instant action, single, and a campaign
  • Interactive training lessons and videos

DCS Dedicated Server Release!
At long last the DCS World Dedicated Server is available to all! In our quest to greatly improve the DCS World online experience, this is a cornerstone element and will play a pivotal role as DCS World Online moves forward. The Dedicated Server is available to anyone that wishes to run one. 

Features of the Dedicated Server include:

  • Run a server without the need of a render. This allows a server to need less RAM and only a very simple video card.
  • The CPU processor load is lower, so you can use a less-powerful CPUs or run more complicated missions instead.
  • You can run multiple copies of a Dedicated Server on one PC. Computer capabilities can be used more fully when you start servers in different CPU threads.
  • A Dedicated Server can be controlled remotely via WebGUI.

Although we have tested extensively internally and with several community servers, there may be non-official scripts that will not function well with a Dedicated Server. We ask that you report such issues and/or avoid using non-supported scripts.

DCS: Combined Arms Frontlines Georgia Campaign Available on Steam
The Combined Arms: Frontlines Georgia campaign is the first all Combined Arms single player campaign. In this campaign you will experience many different aspects of Combined Arms combat in DCS World, from commanding many units over a number of different objectives to sitting in a tank and commanding a platoon of tanks from the driver’s seat.

Get it now from Steam

Key Features:

  • 11 Story driven missions (with supplemental missions if you have a
  • stumble along the way)
  • Command various ground units, from armor, to transport
  • Freedom to set up your air units load-outs before the mission starts
  • 35+ unique voice overs

With CA Frontlines, we hope you will learn and enjoy playing DCS: 
Combined Arms in ways you might not have ever thought about before.

DCS World Open Beta Update
The biggest items for the Open Beta this week include support of the MiG-19P, dedicated server, and some great, new Hornet features like data link, Situational Awareness Display, and TOO mode for the HARM anti-radiation missile.

Other items include:

  • Corrected orientation of child static object on parent unit.
  • Adjusted logic for ground unit line of sight with objects and friendly units in the way.
  • Corrected multiplayer spawn errors on the US aircraft carrier.
  • Improved performance of some scripts.
  • Fixes and updates to the RAZBAM AV-8B and M-2000C.
  • Several fixes and updates to the AvioDev C-101.
  • Improvements to the Fw 190 D-9 and Bf 109 K-4

You can read the complete change log here

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