DCS World Weekend News – 9 June 2017

DCS World 2.1 Update
Since the release of the hotfix last week, the team is very busy squashing bugs and adding new features to 2.1, the DCS: Normandy 1944 Map and the DCS: World War II Assets Pack. We plan to have the first, big, new update to all of these on 14 June 2017.
A complete changelog will be provided at that time.


Weekend Bundle Deals

To best take advantage of the new DCS: Normandy 1944 Map, we are offering several 40% off bundle pack options:

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World War II Bomber Formation Improvements
A key aspect of recreating the air war over World War II Europe will be the creation of realistic bomber formations. Allowing mutually supportive defense in large formations has been an important new feature added to the Mission Editor. Let’s take a closer look at this new feature.

For every formation, there needs to be a formation leader (these were often painted in high visibility colors) that all other flight elements fly in relation to. You will set the formation leader route and tasks as you normally would (a new “Carpet Bombing” has been added in which all members of the formation will drop bombs with the formation leader).

Big formations made up of a number of basic airplane relationships. From smallest to the largest you can set these formation as:

  1. Flight elements (most often 3 aircraft)
  2. Box or Squad – up to four Elements(usually 12 planes)
  3. Group Formation – up to four Boxes(usually 3 Boxes – 36 planes)
  4. Wing formation – up to four Groups(usually 3 Groups – 108 planes)

In order to set the attached flight elements to the larger formation leader element, you will need to select the “WW2 Big Formation” task from Action list of the Perform Task, Advanced Waypoint Actions. You next need to set the Formation Leader by selecting the desired flight element clicking on it or with the “GROUP” drop down list (the formation leader element will then have a line connecting it with this following element). Leaders of “Groups” and “Wing” should follow the “main” leader and members of this “Groups” and “Wings” should follow their leaders. I.e. “Box” elements follow by their “Group” leaders, “Group” leaders follow by their “Wing” leaders and “Wing” leaders follow by main leader.

Next thing you need to set – is flight element position in formation – for members of the “Box”- use “Pos_In_Box” drop down list, for “Box leaders”(members of Group) – use “Pos_In_Group” drop down list,and for “Group leaders”(members of Wing) – use “Pos_In_Wing” list.

Please see the pictures:

1. Members of “Leading Box” has “New Airplane Group #001” as leader and their position determined by “Pos_In_Box” drop down list.

2. Leader of “Right Box” also has “New Airplane Group #001” as leader and their position determined by “Pos_In_Group” drop down list.

3. Member of “Right Box” has “New Airplane Group #010″(leader of this box) as leader and their position determined by “Pos_In_Box” drop down list.

For best results, we suggest using the Close Formation in Options / Formation / WW2 Bomber Element / Close for Combat box formation, or Options / Formation / WW2 Bomber Element Height Separation/ Close for Javelin Down formation.

Additionally, set the formation leader to a cruise speed (not maximum speed) to better allow attached elements to maintain formation and try to avoid drastic course changes in the flight plan.

For the “Carpet Bombing” Task, you need to set it just to the formation leader and it allows you to set the bombing aim point, the quantity of bombs to be dropped and the length this bombs should cover. These settings will then be carried out by all attached formation elements.

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