DCS World Weekend News – 17 August 2018

DCS World Open Beta Update
This week we released DCS World Open Beta Update #9. Highlights of this update include:

  • Several more modules have been moved to the keyless protection system. These include the NTTR and Normandy maps, WWII Assets Pack, Spitfire, Su-33, AJS-37 Viggen, and the M-2000C. These modules are now tied to users accounts rather than keys.
  • Many new Hornet additions to include preliminary AIM-9X, AIM-120 active and time-to-go timers, AIM-120 VISUAL mode and AIM-7 LOFT mode, EW page symbols, EW HUD, EW Offset, increased of ICLS needles size, and eliminated deck sliding after landing.
  • Many new AJS-37 Viggen changes like corrected mirror reflections, adjusted normal maps, fixes to the SPA mode, custom cartridge settings, and others.
  • Yak-52 changes include corrected textures for the 3-bladed prop, hide stick option added, tool tip improvements, primer animation corrected, and more.

You can read more about these and many others in the dedicated thread on the DCS forum.

SS-1C Scud-B
Earlier we have showed off work-in-progress images of some new units coming to DCS World like the SA-2 and Rapier SAM systems and the HY-2 “Silkworm” anti-ship cruise missile. This week we’d like to show you the first images of the SS-1C Scud-B short-range ballistic missile.

First developed by the Soviet Union in the 1960s, the Scud-B (Russian Theater Ballistic Missile system 9К72 Elbrus with missile 8K14 or R-17) has been fielded by more than 32 countries, has a range of up to 300 km, a 450 meter accuracy, and a 985 kg high-explosive warhead. The Scud-B is a mobile system that is transported and launched from a MAZ-543 Transporter Erector Launcher (TEL) (Russian index 9P117).

The Scud-B was infamous during the first Gulf War and will play a critical target for missions and campaigns in the Persian Gulf map and others.

DCS: Yak-52 Released on Steam
This week we released DCS: Yak-52 for Steam. You can purchase it from our Steam Store page

DCS World Weekend News – 10 August 2018

DCS: Yak-52
Last week we launched our Yak-52 into early access and we are ecstatic about its great reception! This week we moved DCS: Yak-52 to the release version of DCS World. Next week, 15 August, the Yak-52 will be available on Steam. Since the early access release, we’ve seen some great videos:

DCS World – Yak 52 – Review by Jabbers

DCS 2.5 Persian Gulf – Yak-52 – First Look by Hellreign82

Purchase now in DCS e-shop

We are now focused on bringing the Yak-52 out of early access with the following improvements already accomplished internally, and coming to you next week in the DCS World Open Beta:

  • Post-stall flight dynamics improved
  • Corrected propeller rotation direction
  • Added wheel chocks
  • Fixed the co-pilot always being displayed in the cockpit
  • Added solo flight configuration (the possibility to fly without the co-pilot, which has effect on flight dynamics)
  • Corrected the 3 bladed prop texture issue
  • AI ejecting through a closed canopy is now fixed
  • The skin texture template has been released
  • Corrected radio presets from the Mission Editor radio control menu


More screenshots

Work continues on the following elements to bring the Yak-52 out of early access:

  • Addition of damage modelling
  • Realistic oil temperature behavior during different flight modes
  • Add unique Yak-52 starter sound
  • Faster engine turn over at start up
  • Corrected rudder input levels while airborne
  • Pitch behavior with lowering of flaps
  • Many other bugs and improvements

DCS World Release Version Update
This week we moved the new DCS World Open Beta content to the Release version. In addition to adding the Yak-52,
other important changes include:

  • Improved helicopter landings on the USS Stennis
  • Partially corrected network spawning errors on the USS Stennis, and corrected spawning of 4th client
  • Implemented initial test of new missile guidance logic, with Patriot as the testbed
  • Adjusted Hornet HUD coating
  • Added Hornet radar page TDC control
  • Added initial AIM-120 test for the Hornet
  • Multiple AJS-37 and Hawk T1 fixes and improvements

You can find the complete change log on the DCS forum

HY-2 “Silkworm” Anti-ship Cruise Missile
As we continue to add more content to the Persian Gulf Map, an import aspect is adding new weapon units to help create engaging and realistic missions and campaigns. An important weapon system of the region is the Chinese-built HY-2 “Silkworm” anti-ship cruise missile. Operated by Iran along it’s coastal regions, the HY-2 is ground-launched and is a significant threat to shipping in the Persian Gulf, and specifically, passing through the Strait of Hormuz.

More screenshots

Along with SA-2 and Rapier SAMs, SCUD short-range ballistic missiles, and other new units, the HY-2 will make the Persian Gulf map even better!